The Training


Photographers show growing concern and urgency about their legacy preservation and survival. A lack of specific training in Photographic Legacy Management (PLM) has led to mismanagement of photographic archives, which frequently results in its deterioration or in oblivion. Yet, photographic archives constitute an important cultural testimony and a catalyst for promoting awareness of shared European history and values. Therefore, The Cycle aims to create a new professional profile.


The Cycle seeks to test a new training and networking model that ensures and promotes the legacy of the artist by forming professionals in PLM. Participants will gain a broader perspective on practical knowledge and tools to effectively manage and curate a photographic oeuvre or collection.  

High-profile referents from The Cycle partners’ organization as well as other experts and artists in the field and prestigious photographers will ensure this learning experience. The participants will also have the unique opportunity to develop a professional network, to visit prestigious photographic collections and cultural institutions, and to participate in related events and publications.   


The Cycle aims to conceive and test a specialized and interdisciplinary training programme in PLM, delivered through workshops and training residencies:

  1. The Workshop. Lectures on history of photography, archival management, technical and legal aspects of photography will allow participants to conduct research and a survey of the photographic collectionin order to determine its significance and to anticipate the means needed to ensure its preservation, processing and valorization.
  1. The Training Residency. Practical learning experience on how to manage and preserve a photographic collection will allow Participants to devise a preservation and valorization plan while working with a prestigious archive or collection.


The Cycle aims to develop a specialized profile of PLM professionals: young practitioners in the cultural field and photographers’ assistants who seek to acquire an added-value knowhow to excel in management of a photographic studio or collection, as well as photographers looking to increase the visibility of their artistic work.

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