The Partners

The Cycle project, funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme, is conducted by a consortium of 5 European partners:

Spéos International Photographic Institute

Spéos International Photographic Institute in Paris, France, is the leading partner of the project. For 35 years, Spéos has been a point of reference in the photography profession and the leader of higher education in professional photography in France. Spéos is also recognized internationally and has been ranked in the Top 5 best photo schools in the world for several years by different independent rankings.

Magnum Fonds de dotation (MFDD)

Magnum Fonds de dotation (MFDD) in Paris, France. MFDD is the non-profit branch of Magnum Photos Inc., the prestigious cooperative that was founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David ‘Chim’ Seymour. Its mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the legacy of Magnum Photos and its photographers.

The Office For Photography (Ured za fotografiju, UzF)

The Office For Photography (Ured za fotografiju, UzF) in Zagreb, Croatia. UzF is a non-profit non-governmental association based in Zagreb, founded in 2013. The main interest is directed toward research, development, promotion and contextualization of innovative art practices in the field of photography and new media that promote positive social change and inclusively.

The Institute of Art History (IPU)

The Institute of Art History (IPU) in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 1961, the Institute is a central public institution of Croatian art history. Its program is based on continuous research of the national artistic heritage conducted within procured scientific- and research projects. The Institute is continuously building on its specialized library and photo archives.

The University of Deusto (UD)

The University of Deusto (UD) in Bilbao, Spain. UD is a 125 years old non-profit university with a strong international dimension. UD has developed strong experience in Project Management at several European Union funded programs, and has a longstanding commitment and knowledge in audience development research and training.

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