The Project

“The Cycle: European training in Photographic Legacy Management project, funded by the European Union Creative Europe Program, is conducted by a consortium of 5 European partners. The objective? To develop a transnational training and networking program in Photographic Legacy Management.

Training professionals in Photographic Legacy Management (PLM)

Photographic archives constitute an important cultural testimony and a catalyst for promoting awareness of shared European history and values. Although efficient management can help ensure the life of the photographic work, PLM requires specific competences that photographers and their assistants lack.

The Cycle seeks to find new, efficient and sustainable forms of preservation and valorisation of photographic artworks in Europe by forming professionals in PLM. Through a high-quality European partnership, The Cycle also aims to create networking opportunity for participating artists and professionals that will contribute to promote their transnational exchange and careers.

The objective is to develop an innovative training and networking program in Photographic Legacy Management (PLM) that contribute to the preservation and valorization of Europe’s common cultural heritage captured in photography.

© Clarisse Bourgeois/Magnum Photos

This 2-year project will be implemented in a 3-phase process from 01/09/20 to 31/10/22.


Designing a new photographic legacy management (PLM) model in ‘The Lab’.


Testing the new training model trough ‘The Workshop’ and ‘The Training Residency’.


Promoting the newly trained participants and the creative projects resulting from the training phase through ‘The Network of PLM’

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