Ricardo Tokugawa

Photo credit: Ricardo Tokugawa

Website: https://www.ricardotokugawa.com
Instagram: @ricardo.tokugawa

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and I started my academic career as a civil engineer, working for 8 years in this area. In 2017, I moved to Paris where I studied photojournalism at Spéos Photographic Institute.

I am the third generation of Okinawan immigrants (Japan) and as a photographer, I carry out my artistic research in the field of Japanese and Okinawan anthropology, and more specifically, in identity and family. I published my first book, Utaki, in 2021 (Lovely House, Brazil).

My formation and experience as an engineer were also essential for a successful use of the EUPLM program. As it is a program that depends on the dedication and contribution of trainees, a multidisciplinary team with different perspectives contributes to a much more enriching, productive and effective experience.

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