Lucija Habuš

Photo credit: Lucija Habuš

Instagram: lucijahabus

Lucija Habuš was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She studies Art History (preservation and conservation studies) and Czech language and literature (teaching studies) at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

With great interest in cultural heritage and special focus on its promotion and preservation, she has so far volunteered at several projects at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb. Through this experience she understood the meaning of archival collections and photo archive within this profession, urging her to enrol in the PLM educational and research program.

Being part of the program, especially through lectures by experts in photography and the archive field, gave her overall insight in the topic. In 12 weeks, she had the opportunity to work with various professionals, to learn directly from materials, to reach and meet other institutions and to observe photography, its preservation and photo archival concepts from all angles. This experience will be of vital interest in any future professional engagement in the field. Without a doubt, she recommends this training.

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