Ivan Huljev

Photo credit: Ivan Huljev

Website: https://fotohulius.wixsite.com/fotohulius
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivanhuljevhuliusphotography/

Ivan Huljev is an independent researcher, curator, collector of old postcards, photographs and brochures, and a photo enthusiast. After graduating the Technical Traffic School in Split, he mastered in history and archeology from the University of Zadar.

He is a co-founder and active member of the Association for Research, Promotion and Protection of the Cultural Heritage of the Makarska and Zabiokovlje Region “Kačić”, through which he worked on projects in the fields of archaeology, history, and modern architecture. He presented at several scientific conferences and is the author of several professional, scientific and popular works. Recently he is employed as a curator at the Technical Museum of Nikola Tesla in Zagreb.

He participated in the EUPLM pilot- program with the aim of expanding his knowledge in the field of processing, analysis, preservation and protection of historical and contemporary photographic collections. He would certainly recommend this course to others because of the quality combination of theoretical and practical work in a multidisciplinary environment, with expert lecturers who imparted great knowledge to all the participants.

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