Corentin Schimel

Photo credit: Frédérique PLAS

Instagram: @corentinschimel

I am a French photographer based in Paris. Before being selected for EUPLM training, I have trained as a lawyer at the Paris Bar, following my seven years of legal studies at University Pantheon-Assas. After which, I worked as a lawyer specialized in copyright law in Paris. In 2019 I co-founded the non- governmental organisation “Barreau des Arts”, in order to expand free access to lawyers for those artists who find themselves in precarious situations.

After these first professional experiences, I studied in Spéos – Photography School, where I specialized in documentary photography. I am currently involved in several cultural, social and environmental projects where I collaborate with a variety of artists – from musicians to visual artists, on a regular basis.

I chose to join this program to enrich my knowledge in the field of photography, and to better understand the management of photographic archives, a field I knew little about but one which has always attracted me. The quality of the lecturers and directors of the programme-who were well versed and recognized in their field, and the collective aspect of the project were two of the leading reasons that influenced my decision to devote a significant amount of time to the development of this project.

“The Cycle”: Its theoretical dimension, supported by teachers from Spéos, coupled with practical sessions that facilitated direct access to the archives of the Magnum agency, allowed a balanced, progressive and efficient learning process. The knowledge I acquired was both technical (on the photographic medium itself- classification, conservation, storage, digitization) as well as historical and artistic.

The immersion into the archives that housed the photos taken by some of the greatest photographers of the last decades was enriching both as an art lover and as a photographer.

The audience development courses allowed us to deepen our field of competence and to reflect on the concrete applications of the teachings we were apprehending. Numerous visits were organized, allowing us to hear the testimonies of important stakeholders (UNESCO, Picto etc.).

As a lawyer, I appreciated the teachings from the legal dimension, particularly through the aspect of intellectual property laws that are applicable. I would therefore recommend this course, especially for photographers wishing to broaden their field of knowledge and professional skills, who also nurture the curiosity to understand in detail the eco-system in which they gravitate.

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