Ana Lucić Telišman

Photo credit: Ana Lucić Telišman

Instagram: @ana_l_t_

Ana Lucić Telišman was born in Zagreb, Croatia. After graduation at the School of Applied Arts and Design, with major in photographic design, she entered the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. During her studies, she volunteered in various cultural institutions and did a museum intership at the Tošo Dabac Archive, within the Museum of Contemporary Art. She graduated from the Department of Art History (major in conservation) and the Department of Information and Communication Sciences (major in museology) on the topic of industrial heritage protection with the example of a factory for the production of photo paper and photo negatives. Through her work, she emphasized the main aspects of research interest: photography and heritage protection, which were the main reasons for singing up for this training program.

By participating in this program, she gained great experience in working with photographic collections and became aware of how many problems it brings, and especially what dangers threaten the photographic heritage. Thanks to the lectures of various experts, she expanded her knowledge of photographic media and art. Being involved in workshops and working directly with the original material, she learned how to approach the topic and what different methodologies to use in future working environment. Based on examples of good practice and work experience during the program, it became clear that this type of training is an extremely valuable form of learning and upgrading knowledge, which proved to be important in the context of communities that care for photographic collections and legacies.

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