Magdalena Blažić

Photo credit: Magdalena Blažić

Magdalena was born in Stuttgart, Germany where she grew up. Later she moved to Croatia where she studied History and Archival Science at the University of Zagreb. In her work, she mainly deals with paleography, especially German handwriting and archival legacies in which photographs are almost always present. Through her former assignments at the Institute of Art History, and even more by working with the valuable material of the Photoarchive owned by the Institute, she directed her interest towards personal archival legacies, especially photographic ones.

The Cycle project and its PLM pilot-program was a real opportunity for her to get to know and learn more about different types of photography, the techniques of making them, and the relationship between the photographers themselves and their work, in order to better understand the material she works with. Given the fact that this was an interdisciplinary project that brought together various experts and due to many hours of hands-on training throughout the program, Magdalena was able to gather great experience which she can apply in her future work on photographic collections and legacies.

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