Hanna Davidović

Photo credit: Hanna Davidović


Hanna Davidović was born in Zagreb. She enrolled into the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb with a double major in Art History and English Language and Literature in 2016.

She decided to follow the training because she was aware that photography was a field and a medium of art not spoken enough of in her previous education. Also, as the training progressed, she came to a small-scale personal discovery that one of her ancestors was one of the protagonists of photography in continental Croatia in the 19th century. The professional and personal interest merged together into a legitimate wish to learn how to form and manage a photo archive.

The impact of the training is multiple, as it provided basic knowledge of all major segments of a photo archive and photography in general. The knowledge gained in this training was both theoretical and practical, helping the participants grow on not just professional, but also personal level. Hanna was especially interested in the history and preservation of photographs.

She would recommend this training to anyone with a legitimate and deep interest in photography, but with a special emphasis on managing collections of photographs. The training is interdisciplinary so it caters to many different professions and individual interests.

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